Pain relief medication online


Tramadol Hydrochloride is a chemical compound used as a pain reliever for moderate to
moderately severe pain. It is sold under different brand names such as Ultram, Ultram ER,
Dolzam, Adolan, Zydol, Tramadex and many more. It is an opoid painkiller which means it has
an analgesic effect. The effect of the drug commences within an hour of intake and reaches its
maximum potential in about two to three hours. Tramadol is not prescribed for very severe
pain but is ideal for many painful conditions arising out of a plethora of pathological conditions
such as rheumatoid arthritis, motor neuron disease, fibromyalgia and many other diseases.
In the recent years, online pharmacies have become popular among people because of the
availability of many kinds of drugs which are often elusive in the conventional stores. Similarly,
Tramadol is widely available in the online pharmacies such as The drug is
available in different strengths such as 100mg, 200mg and 50mg. The packages vary in terms of
number of pills present in them such as packs of 45 pills, 90 pills, 120, pills, etc.
Pricing is done according to the strength of the pills and the number of pills present in a
package. Price of a single pill is also mentioned in the websites of the online pharmacies. A
prescription is needed to buy Tramadol through online pharmacies. It is not an issue because
online doctors are also available to issue prescriptions for Tramadol. The price of Tramadol in
the online pharmacies is significantly lower as compared to the conventional pharmacies.
A prescription is required to buy Tramadol from online pharmacies such as The US federal government has not classified this drug as a Schedule IV
drug but many states in USA have decided to control Tramadol. In Asia, Tramadol is not
controlled stringently but in some European countries such as Sweden, Tramadol is being
tightly controlled. This is not a problem since the drug can be bought from the online
pharmacies on producing a prescription. It is illegal to buy Tramadol online in UK but not in
other EU countries.

Online doctors are also available for issuing prescriptions for Tramadol. Such doctors offer their
services to patients residing in even foreign countries. One precaution that patients must
always exercise while buying Tramadol or any other drug for that matter from an online
pharmacy is to check whether the pharmacy is properly licensed or not. This is because
unlicensed pharmacies often sell counterfeit or poor quality drugs which can have a very
adverse impact on the health of the patients. The pharmacy must also have a privacy policy to
prevent unauthorized use of the patient’s personal information.
Reputed online pharmacies charge exactly the same price as quoted on their websites. For
example, if the price of a 50mg Tramadol pack containing 60 pills has been listed as $88 then it

implies that the seller is not going to charge more than this price for the medicine. Obviously,
shipping charges may be added to the total amount.